House Rehabber Maren
Although I'd always contributed labor and creative sparks to my houses, the first one I rehabbed alone was on Spruce Street in the wonderful Borough of West Reading, PA. After that came the MAJOR restoration of a condemned cottage in Lebanon, PA. Now I am engaged in more of the same on an abandoned "short sale" house in Lancaster.​​

  I bought a 600 square feet single house on a 0.15 acre lot.
                 The house and yard begged for TLC.

                I lived in the house while rehabbing it.

      Paid:  $29,000        4 years later -  Sold:  $71,000 

     I bought a 1200 square feet semi-detached house in
      a short sale. I used an intermediary firm to keep the            seller's bank moving on the sale. (Banks can be
      notorious about delaying short sales.) 
         Again, this house and yard begged for TLC and
           total cosmetic clean-up inside.

     Paid (price plus intermediary's fee):  $71,000       
     1 year later -  Bank appraised at:  $124,000 

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