Cat Comf​orts

My heart is large enough for more cats, but my allergies and budget are very happy with the status quo. Learn about the journey of my two rescue "sons," and how I went from pet-less to Crazy about Cats.

 When I was about five years old, it was determined that I was allergic to all furred, feathered, and wooled animals. I lived with this diagnosis until my mid-fifties when I began living in a house which contained two house cats. ​Amazingly, I did not croak. By doing fanatical cleaning and forbidding the cats' entry in my bedroom, I actually enjoyed life and my new-found identity as "person who can live with cats." Of course, I came to admire the species very much.
I need to interrupt my own story. Friends' female cat, age 23, needed to be put down a few hours ago.
I commend them for ending her suffering and I do not look forward to when that moment comes in my household.
There was, and will be,
only ONE Beastie.
A tribute to Beastie,
beloved family member of R&J.

1995 - 2018

I could tell how much
they loved you by
the heating pad they arranged for your older  bones,
and how they bragged about your hunting skills
at age 23!

You've crossed the rainbow bridge
and there is nothing we can do to help your humans
except to understand.

And we do.